False burden Bearing!


Burden Bearers

False burden bearing is under the unloving spirit of not loving yourself. It is when we think we are someone's Holy Spirip to help them. The demonic activity is trying to get a need met in ourselves by helping others or to feel important. It is a trick of the Holy Spirit to get you into false burden bearing.

The scripture tells you to bear your brothers burden, it means to join with with them and not become a pack mule. You want to come along side of them. So false burden bearing is like pride and it is compensation for rejection and having been rejected and it is what you need to be accepted. You say 'I have been rejected and now I am going to take care of others and bear their burden'.

It will consume your thoughts of thinking about that person (either their situation or need). A person is not able to release them to the Lord and will try to make things happen to them becasue of False Burden Bearing.

burden bearing

We can pray and release. When they cannot get off their minds, then there is false burden bearing going on. Then it has not been released to the Lord. We should be able to pray, release them to the Lord knowing he is taking care of them. Then do the things we need to do with peace. When we false burden bearing, then the Lord is not able to come in because the false burden bearing thing blocks God's moving in their lives. Plus, it steals your peace. It is a very suttle way that the enemy uses on his children. You know when you are false burden bearing when you are consumed in thought.

That is one area I have to watch for my life. I used to be such a big false burden bearing type person. When I get into that thinking, and it has consumed me and I cannot stop thinking about it, then I know I've gone into sin over it and have to cast down (sometimes cast out) the consuming thought as Paul said to do in 2 Corinthians 10:5. Then, I'm able to release it much better. If I catch myself doing it and I can give it to the Lord with faith, then I dont' have to cast it out. I've come out of agreement with it. It has not consumed me yet. You see he enemy wants to get our thoughts off of Christ and be burdened with things. also, to steal our peace and be burdened over the situation or event.

Some people go into false burden bearing a lot because if they are consumed for someone else, then it makes them feel important. Why, because they have a low self esteem and a spirit of feeling worthless is working in their life along with other spirits.

We do need to care for others and not be consumed in thought. We need to learn how to cast all our cares to the Lord. When we are not able to cast our cares to the Lord, what is happening is that a person has doubt in the Lord to take care of a particular sitiation.

by: Traci Morin


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